Why Is My Outdoor LED Flood Light Flashing On and Off?

You must have seen LED flood lights everywhere, whether in your garden, hoardings, or parks. They are powerful lights used for multiple purposes, such as security, pedestrian and vehicle use, or in huge spaces like sports stadiums. Floodlights are all-rounders as they provide both functionality and aesthetics. But do you ever wonder: Why is my outdoor LED flood light flashing on and off? It can be pretty frustrating, right? Well, you are not alone. Flood light flickering problems can occur due to many reasons. This blog will find all possible reasons behind blinking LED lights.

What Are Outdoor LED Flood Lights?

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LED floodlights are energy-efficient, versatile, and powerful lighting solutions. Because of their wide-reaching light, they are mainly found in outdoor spaces. They are commonly seen mounted on buildings or poles, which helps provide directional lighting to various space types. Moreover, they consume less electricity and have a much longer lifespan than other lights.
Furthermore, they have a wide variety of applications. This is because they provide bright light and add depth and beauty to that area. A few common applications of flood lights are:

  • Residential areas
  • Sports stadiums and playgrounds
  • Sculptures and monuments
  • Buildings and bridges
  • Railway stations and airports
  • Parks, fountains, parking lots, etc.

Why Is My Outdoor LED Flood Light Flashing On And Off?

Now that we know about LED flood lights, let’s move on to your main question: Why are my LED lights flashing on and off?

Flood light blinking is a common problem and could be due to many simple reasons. The regular occurrence of LED flood light strobing could be an actual problem. However, this needs an investigation to find the root cause and fix it before it becomes severe.
So, let’s understand the reasons why this might be happening.

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Electrical Issues

Electrical issues are generally the most common reason for flood light blinking. It can occur due to loose wiring or a poor connection. Loose wiring causes the currents to jump over the gap in the loose part of the connection. If the wiring is not secure, the light may intermittently lose power, causing it to flash. Moreover, electrical issues can also occur due to poor-quality wiring. This can be a severe problem. Poor quality of wires or old and faulty switches and fixtures lead to poor performance. All these can cause high resistance in some areas, causing it to heat up. It can even result in something hazardous, such as fire.

Voltage Fluctuations

An inconsistent power supply can also cause outdoor LED light strobing. LED lights are sensitive to voltage fluctuations. Sudden voltage spikes and power surges can severely affect the performance of these lights.

There can be many reasons behind power fluctuations. For instance, large appliances can be connected to the same circuit. Likewise, it can happen when many low-voltage LED lights are connected parallelly or in series or due to an inconsistent power supply from the utility company. Moreover, high energy consumption in your neighborhood can also lead to outdoor LED flood lights flashing on and off.

Compatibility Issues

One more very commonly found reason is compatibility issues with dimmer switches. It is essential to connect dimmer switches that are compatible with LED technology. Older dimmer switches were made to handle high-voltage devices. Due to this, they do not work well with low-voltage LED flood lights. Thus, instead of better handling higher electrical loads, they cause flood lights to blink.

Circuit Overloading

You will notice that most of the circuits we use today are decades old. With time, usage and energy requirements have significantly increased. This leads to heavy loads on these circuits, which causes flickering outdoor lights. The more appliances and equipment we use, the higher the chances of overloading. Moreover, they even consume too much power and do not perform efficiently.

Aging Or Defective Components

Well, this is a very common reason for flood light blinking. Over time, LED lights and their components can degrade. Flickering might start when these lights reach the end of their useful life. One more reason can be defective components. This problem will most likely occur more in lower-quality, cheaper LED products. Thus, defective components can cause blinking LED lights in your outdoor space.

Uncontrollable Factors

Apart from the above factors, certain factors are not under our control: environmental factors. Sometimes, outdoor LED floodlights flash on and off due to extreme weather. Factors like moisture, excessive heat, or cold can affect the performance of floodlights. When exposed to harsh conditions, malfunction of components becomes a concern.

How Can You Solve The Issue?

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Now that you know the potential reasons behind flickering LED lights, finding the problem with your outdoor lights is important. This is because taking corrective action is essential, but it can only happen when you know the exact problem. So, now you might be wondering what actions you should undertake to solve the issue. Here are a few steps that you can take to avoid any adverse situation:

  • Check for proper wiring and connections.
  • Replace any faulty LED drivers and components.
  • Stabilize the voltage to prevent sudden power fluctuations.
  • Check the compatibility of LED lights with dimmer switches.
  • Ensure the lights are ideal for outdoor use and can withstand extreme temperatures.
  • Install a weatherproof cover over lights to avoid moisture buildup.
  • Replace old circuits and aging components.

Final Words

Your outdoor LED flood light flashing on and off can be annoying. Well, now you know that this can be due to simple reasons and a sign of urgent attention. By understanding the causes, you can better address the issue of flickering outdoor lights. A well-functioning light in your outdoor space or neighborhood is more than a luxury. It is necessary for your and your home’s security. Moreover, they enhance the aesthetics of the place they are installed in. Again, regularly checking floodlights and addressing any issues is always a good idea. By doing so, you can enjoy the bright, reliable illumination and energy-saving quality of LED flood lights.