Top 15 LED Street Light Fixture Manufacturers

LED lights transform our homes and cities. They make our streets and parks brighter and also help keep people safe. In today’s world, more towns adopt smart and environmentally conscious lighting options globally. This means that more people want good LED street lights. However, picking the right LED can be difficult if you don’t know what to look for or who to trust. Lucky for you, this article delves into the world of LED street light manufacturers. We will show the top 15 LED street light fixture manufacturers you can trust with your purchases. A few of these companies are innovative industry giants with decades of experience. Although some others are new, they are renowned for their rapid growth and product quality.

Top 15 LED Street Light Fixture Manufacturers

LED Street Lighting

1. Philips Lighting

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Philips Lighting is a global leader in lighting technologies. Its rich history, dating back to 1891, makes it a pioneer among LED street light manufacturers. With over a century in the industry, Philips boasts experience and a vast product portfolio.

The company is known for producing high-quality and sustainable lighting, including LEDs. Philips offers many types of streetlights, including basic models and intelligent variants you can control remotely. With a strong belief that there is always a way to improve life, Philips stands as one of the most trusted LED street light manufacturers.

2. Acuity Brands

Next on our list of top LED street light fixture manufacturers is- Acuity Brands. Acuity Brands is a large lighting company based in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. It owns several lighting brands and uses its expertise to provide strong and long-lasting solutions. The company offers a wide range of services to satisfy different customer needs. It manufactures lights for highways, pedestrian areas, gardens, and other outdoor spaces.

Some of Acuity’s popular streetlight brands are Lithonia and Halophane, both of which offer a range of styles and features. Acuity also provides smart lighting solutions. These are especially handy for cities to control their lights and save energy.

In addition, the company invests heavily in the research and development of its products. This allows them to create advanced lighting solutions that place them at the forefront of the industry. Due to its commitment to innovation, Acuity has secured its place among LED street light fixture manufacturers.

3. Cree

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Cree is a key player in the LED industry. This Canadian company first debuted in 1987 as a manufacturer of semiconductor parts. Now, Cree is a leader in the LED industry, with access to its LED chips and more control over the quality of its lights. The streetlights by Cree are efficient, durable, and energy-saving, making them a good choice for long-term use.

4. Schréder

Schréder is a Belgian company that specializes in outdoor lighting technologies. It focuses on LED streetlights, which are popular for their high-performance and sleek designs. The company features a product profile that combines both aesthetic appeal and functionality. This makes it a suitable brand for businesses looking to take green measures and enhance beauty and security.

5. Dialight Corporation

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Dialight Corp has been operating since 1938 and officially joined the LED manufacturing game in 1971. It focuses on LED lighting for demanding environments like industrial sites. Dialight Corp produces streetlights that are durable and long-lasting.

It also prioritizes its customer service and satisfaction. Therefore, if you’re looking for LED street light fixture manufacturers for your brand, Dialight Corp is a worthy choice.

6. Osram

Osram is a German company with a long history in lighting. It has over 100 years of experience and prides itself as a high-tech photonics company. Osram is famous for its creativity and engineering expertise. Its street lights are high quality and efficient and offer eco-friendly benefits that improve the quality of life.

7. Luxific

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Luxific is a new player in the LED streetlight market. Still, don’t let the newbie status distract you from the facts. Luxific is a titan in its own right.

Despite being younger than some other companies, it has made a name for itself. The company focuses on innovative designs and high-efficiency streetlights. These often include state-of-the-art features like adaptive lighting. It defines streetlights that can adjust their brightness based on traffic or time of day.

With this innovative approach, Luxific has gained attention. This has earned it a seat at the table with the top LED street light fixture manufacturers.

8. Eaton

Eaton is a multinational power management company with influence in over 175 countries. The company creates products that help to solve power control challenges safely and efficiently. It has a lighting division that manufactures LED streetlights and other outdoor products. The lights they produce are power-saving and long-lasting. This company also provides control systems and sensors to make street lighting smarter.

9. GE Lighting

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GE Lighting has been making lights for over 130 years. Its product range includes flood, decorative street, area, and railroad lights. The company’s mission is to use intelligent lighting to provide the best smart home experience.

GE Lighting also focuses on sustainability. It works to reduce the environmental impacts of its products throughout their lifecycles. It also remains committed to creating healthy, well-lit spaces for its customers. GE Lighting is among the reliable LED street light manufacturers you can trust.

10. Hubbell Lighting

Hubbell Lighting offers diverse lighting solutions. It originated in the late 1800s when its founder began to develop tools and equipment. These tools were his response to the growing demand for new machines during the Industrial Revolution.

Not long after, Hubbell Lighting welcomed an era of innovation, shortly after the invention of the light bulb and the commercial distribution of electricity.

Hubbell has over 25 brands under its umbrella. Each brand specializes in a different lighting need for its consumer market.

The company maintains its tradition of growth and ingenuity when making its products. It focuses on creating high-value and reliable products for its partners and customers. In addition, it emphasizes the importance of dark sky compliance. Hence, it leads the march by offering fixtures that reduce light pollution and satisfy client needs.

11. Zumtobel Group

Zumtobel is an international lighting group that specializes in high-end lighting. Its background dates back to 1950, and the Austrian group conducts its business in over 27 countries.

It is one of the top LED lighting manufacturers, with over 30 different types of lights. Its products are used in many applications, including office, education, outdoor, and architectural lighting.

Zumtobel invests in research and development of LED technology. It emphasizes the importance of sustainable lighting solutions and sets lofty environmental goals.

12. Thorn Lighting

Another key contender in the LED street light manufacturers market is Thorn. It is a global manufacturer of indoor and outdoor lighting solutions. Founded in 1928, it has since strived for clean and affordable lighting products. Thorn Lighting offers various lighting solutions for street, tunnel, sports, and road use. Its products are renowned for being innovative, energy-efficient, and eco-friendly.

13. Cooper Lighting

This company has its roots dating back to 1956. It manufactures products that target comfort and sustainability.

It has an impressive product portfolio that showcases both indoor and outdoor lights. This portfolio also features lighting controls and intelligent lighting systems for customer use.

Cooper is now a subsidiary of Signify, but this change of hands hasn’t affected its original goals and commitment. The company keeps searching for ways to make the world better. It creates solutions for problems and helps to push the world into a brighter future.

Cooper Lighting Solutions features many renowned brands that focus on specific lighting solutions. Examples are Lumark, Metalux, and Halo. The company has a broad market focus and implements sustainable manufacturing practices.

14. iGuzzini

This Italian lighting company is known for its high-quality, design-focused lighting solutions. With its origins dating back to 1959, iGuzzini has spent over 60 years in the industry. Since its creation, the company has designed and manufactured lighting solutions to meet client needs.

From its base in Recanati, the company has expanded its reach to 92 countries around the globe. Its LED light brands apply to indoor, outdoor, and intelligent lighting solutions. The company places its focus on creating energy-efficient and visually appealing designs.

iGuzzini emphasizes the general aesthetic of its LED streetlights. Hence, its products usually possess a modern and refined look.

15. LSI Industries

LSI Industries is an American company that specializes in lighting and graphics solutions. It was founded in 1976 and has over four decades of experience in the industry. Since its establishment, LSI Industries has grown to become one of the top LED street light fixture manufacturers.

The company focuses on manufacturing modern lighting equipment for indoor and outdoor settings. It has a global influence in over forty countries and remains a leading supplier of quality LED streetlights.