LED Street Light

LED street light has become an indispensable part of modern transportation. Unlike traditional street lights, LED street lights use low voltage DC power. Cities mostly prefer energy-efficient and eco-friendly LED streetlights for their street lighting.

Luxific manufactures LED street lights that boast extended lifespan and low maintenance requirements. If you need better lighting effect and lower consumption, Luxific is the best choice to buy street lights.

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As one of the best LED street light manufacturers, LUXIFIC offers customized LED street light services in the following aspects based on the client's needs.

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LED Street Lights Applications

LED street lights have a wide range of applications and are commonly used for outdoor lighting in various settings. Here are some common applications of LED street lights:

Roadways and Highways:

LED street lights are extensively used for lighting up roadways, highways, and expressways. They provide bright and uniform illumination, ensuring safety for drivers and pedestrians by enhancing visibility and reducing glare.

Residential Areas:

LED street lights are suitable for lighting residential streets, neighborhoods, and communities. They offer energy-efficient lighting solutions that improve visibility, enhance security, and create a safe environment for residents.

Commercial and Industrial Areas:

LED street lights are commonly used for lighting commercial and industrial areas, including parking lots, shopping centers, industrial parks, and warehouses. They provide reliable and efficient lighting, enhancing security and visibility for customers, employees, and goods.

Parks and Recreational Areas:

LED street lights are utilized to illuminate parks, recreational areas, and pathways, ensuring visibility for visitors and enhancing safety during nighttime activities. They offer a pleasant ambiance and create a welcoming environment for recreational purposes.

Public Spaces:

LED street lights are used in public spaces such as city squares, plazas, and pedestrian zones. They provide adequate illumination, enhancing the aesthetics of public areas, ensuring safety, and facilitating social activities during evenings and nights.

 Why choose our LED street lights?

  • The luminaire is equipped with the latest brand of high-efficiency LED chips.

We use high-brightness LED chips such as Cree, Osram, Philips, Nichia, Seoul, etc. So our LED street lights are more energy efficient and have a longer service life.
  • Our LED street lights use thicker housing material.

The thickness of standard lamp housing material is 1.2-1.5 mm, while we use 1.8-2.2 mm.
  • Our luminaire lenses come in many different types to meet the lighting needs of different customers.

The variation types of lenses provide uniform illumination throughout the street. There is no glare, even under the lampposts. Our lens solutions are suitable for backlight control to minimize light spillage from the back of the luminaire.
  • Large operating ambient temperature range, -40°C to +55°C.

Our LED street lights can adapt to harsh environments such as high and low temperatures.
  • Good heat dissipation performance.

The heat-conducting rubber pad under the aluminum substrate and the heat sink on the lamp body can take away the heat well.
  • Surge protection device against lightning strikes.

Built-in circuit protector effectively protects the circuit and extends the service life of the LED street light.
  • The effectiveness protection level of our LED street light is IP66, and the glass impact protection level is IK09.

Even in bad weather, the LED street lights can be illuminated normally.
  • Advanced coating process, strong corrosion resistance.

Divided into five levels, the bigger the number, the stronger the corrosion resistance.
  • Smart drive, no extra device needed.

Users can dimmable according to the time step.
  • Our LED street light supports an intelligent software platform.

Users can monitor the status of the street light in the background.
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