The Knowledge You Need To Know About Cobra Head Street Light

Nights are made more beautiful and safer when sufficient light exists in the streets and homes. Streetlights are known to offer the ultimate answer to giving you the best nighttime street experience. Choosing the most appropriate street light option can be tricky. You will want to acquire the street lights with the best lighting experience at a reasonable cost.
This article discusses the street light options that you can safely acquire. You will also learn all you need about the Cobra head street lights.

What are LED Cobra Head Street Lights

vega1 cobra street light 60w

LED Cobra head street lights are an outdoor lighting fixture commonly used to illuminate streets, highways, parking lots, and other outdoor areas. They are called “cobra heads” due to their distinctive shape, resembling a cobra snake’s head. These lights are typically mounted on poles or structures. Their height is suitable for effectively illuminating the targeted area.

The Cobra head street lights offer superior options that grant you the exceptional performance you seek. Regarding the cost of the Cobra headlighting, you will be surprised by how pocket-friendly they are. The Cobra head lighting delivers brighter lights to its customers. It offers up to 100,000 hours of illumination and consumes less electricity.

Why You Should Choose LED Cobra Head Street Light

To comfortably settle for the Cobra head street light, you must understand some crucial elements. This article will save you from wasting time and resources trying to test which street light option is ideal. Check out the most exciting reasons as to why this lighting option is what you deserve:


It is impressive that the Cobra head LED street lights last long. If you need a long-lasting lighting option, you require the Cobra head LED street lights.

The Best Return on Investment

According to the latest studies, LED Cobra head street lights offer the best return on investment. Besides their low wattage, they also offer superior quality lights compared to other light options. Hence, this characteristic proves that Cobra head street lights are the most economical lighting option.

Incredible Color Rendering

You will appreciate the impressive color rendering index and the diverse color temperature spectrum offered. The Cobra head street light options offer multiple color options. White and yellow are among the most common and most recommended color options. Both colors are known to deliver better visibility at night.

Safe to Use

People prefer safer means of lighting. Cobra head street lighting options are the safest. Streetlights utilize DC power supplies that are safer than other light options. This guarantees safe use on roadways and in commercial and residential areas.


You have no reason to worry when you seek to find the most affordable lighting option. Cobra Headlights offers a wide range of quality light options in different sizes and shapes. This grants you the ultimate chance to select the one that perfectly suits your lighting desires.

Electricity Saving

The Cobra head street light options serve as the best choice for saving on electrical energy. This is among the most attractive aspects of this incredible lighting option. This lighting option gives its users across the commercial and residential sectors the reliability they seek.

Made with the Light Material

The lightweight nature of the Cobra head streetlights is worth discussing. Electroluminescent material realizes this design, allowing you to handle the machines well and enjoy their outstanding performance. The Cobra Head Street Lights highly embrace quality over quantity.

Smaller Size

Smaller size means high portability and ease of handling and installation. The Cobra Head Street lights are much smaller compared to other lighting options. The LED light is minuscule. This is because a straightforward epoxy sap exemplifies the sensitive LED chip. The Cobra head street lights options allow you to save on materials and space during creation and application. Thanks to the little and extremely light nature of the cobra street light.

Additionally, if you examine the Cobra Street lamp closely, you will see that every unit houses a 3-5mm square or round LED chip. The Cobra lighting lamp is also ideal for preparing gadgets that feature complex cycles. It is highly reasonable to offer delicate, bendable light cylinders, unique molded lights, and light strips with LEDs.

Less Heat Dissipation

With the LED Cobra head street lights, you qualify to have subscribed to the most advanced light option. These are the best light options; you can be assured of their environmental friendliness. If you love conserving the environment, you deserve the Cobra Street lights.

Accessible in Impressive Colors

It is considerate and much more exciting for the Cobra street lights to offer multiple colors. The Cobra head street lights feature surfaces with colored flakes. The color richness is constrained within the light option you select. The most attractive part of this is that the colors can also be controlled with the help of digital technology.

Factors to Consider When Selecting a Perfect Cobra Head Street Light

LED Street Lighting

Choosing the most appropriate Cobra head street light is the best thing you can do. If you want to achieve a quality lighting experience, you will have to follow the following guidelines:

  1. Check brightness and price – As the Cobra head street lights come in various prices, they also offer varying brightness. Before you choose any Cobra light option, you first need to know how much you will spend. The Cobra light you select should be in the best capacity to serve your lighting needs.
  2. Check the luminous angle light variations – You need to select the cobra head street light with a low angle. Also, the cobra street light may require you to place it in a higher position. However, owning such light options can be costly.
  3. Consider the static resistance – If you choose lights with higher resistance, you will enjoy longer durability. Therefore, you should consider the cobra head street lights with static resistance of beyond 700 volts.
  4. Determine the wavelength – light options with the same wavelengths; they emit the same light color. You will have to decide on the variety and color of light you require in your residential or commercial area.
  5. Place of access – It is worth understanding that the cost of a cobra head street light depends on where you buy it. You will have to pay more for the same cobra head street light as the one in Japan and the USA. The price for the same lighting option will be less if you purchase it from Taiwan.

Choose the Professional LED Street Light Manufacturer- LUXiFiC

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The quality of products is thoroughly inspected and approved for use. This means that the LUXiFiC streetlights are safe to use. You are advised to check the brand certification before you purchase the products keenly.

The company also applies the latest advanced technology to ensure customers receive high-quality products. This company gives you full access to a couple of impressive benefits. You get to enjoy energy-saving lighting systems and eco-friendly lighting. This is among the world’s leading street lights suppliers, offering coverage of over 70 countries.

Get yourself a powerful and high-quality LED street light and other lighting products from LUXiFiC for a better lifestyle.

Final Thoughts

Reading to the end of this article means you have what it takes to improve your street lighting significantly. With the proper LED street lighting, you will have a chance to celebrate the following amazing benefits. You can access the best Cobra head street lights and install them for the best LED street lighting experience.

For the perfect Cobra head street lights, consider LUXiFiC. They are the best manufacturers in the market. Contact them and make an order today. We hope that you have more insights about head street lights. Leave us a comment or a question, and we will respond to you about Cobra Street headlights.