How Much Does A Street Light Cost To Run?


You might be curious about specific questions after looking ahead at the numerous street lights installed. One of those questions is how much a street light costs to run. The answer to this query involves you to reflect different aspects of lights, electricity consumption, etc. Hence, after reading the entire blog, you can get the answers here! Through this blog, you can get a guide about this query.

How much does a street light cost to run? A brief intro

how much does a street light cost

Have you ever got to count the street lights near your vicinity? If yes, you would be curious to know their electricity consumption. Every street light has unique features and, thus, consumes different units of electricity. Apart from this, there are other miscellaneous charges for the street lights. The costs are all about giving them maintenance services.
The cost of street lights also varies from one type to another. Thus, to operate the lights, you will have different costs.
How much does it cost to run led lights? It is not just a single cost but is later associated with different factors you must pay. Further, there is a specific detail that can help you understand. If there is an LED street light in your neighborhood, then let’s clarify its cost first. The particular money you must spend on it is $100 to $200. However, remember the price is for a 100 Watt LED street light. When the power rating of the light varies, then the cost of its purchase also varies. A 100 Watt LED street light is enough to illuminate broad and dark areas.
There is no limitation that the street light can only be a typical LED type one. Instead, if you visit the market, you will find them in various types.

The normal factors that contribute to the expense of street lights

People often believe that the street light is the only cost with the installation or purchase. However, they must familiarize themselves with the other charges spent on these lights. How much does a street light cost to install? The first cost to pay is for the purchase of the lights. Then, the following price is all about installing them. However, a street light would charge you high when it undergoes maintenance services. The maintenance services include repair cost, replacement of bulb cost, street light parts, Pole repair cost, etc.

What is the expense of running the street lights?

street light cost

How much does a street light cost to run? You are at the right place to get answers. You might always think that installing street lights is the only cost you have to pay. However, you need to be corrected. You have to pay for installation, energy consumed, and maintenance costs. Yes, the maintenance cost is an important figure you always require to calculate the results.
So, first, find the number of units these lights consume through the electricity bill. The maintenance charges are those you paid for repairing or replacing the street light bulbs. To start with, consider a scenario. Suppose you have installed a street light at a distance of one kilometre. Then, the electricity cost at your place is 0.3kW/h. This figure might change if you change your region of living. How much does a street light cost per month? You will have to look at the formula for calculating it.
If there are 20 street lighting columns, then the formula is as follows;
(Power of bulb*street lighting columns*cost of electricity)/ (distance). So, calculate (100*20*0.3)/ 1000. The running cost of electricity equals $0.6hrs/km/. Now, for monthly running costs; 12 hours* 100*30 days. It equals to 36kWh for monthly consumption. To find is cost, multiply consumption by the rate of electricity. Hence, it costs you $10.8 monthly. One more thing to add is that you can multiply the number of street lights by the cost of electricity.
The overall calculations you can make are simple to do. You can find the results quickly with the information you have according to the installed lights in your neighbourhood. You have thoroughly discussed the running cost of street lights; now, let’s jump to the street light poles.

What are street light poles and their cost?

The street light poles are the poles that hold the street lights. If you look around the poles for lights, a street light pole is way too expensive than other poles. How much does a light pole cost? To learn this, the approximate cost of the poles is no less than $3000. However, this price doesn’t include the price of installing them. After installation of the poles, it would cost you a considerable amount. But before moving ahead, let’s see what depends on the prices of street light poles.

What are the factors contributing to the cost of street light poles?

What material the street light poles have is something essential. Sometimes these poles come in steel material, concrete, etc. You will also have to use specialized tools to fix the lights. Then, labourers are the professional people you require to install these poles. You would have wanted to hire professionals with experience installing street light poles. Hence, the labourers can cost you a lot; their daily wages or contracts include large payments and maintenance. Now providing them with maintenance services is essential to increase the life of lights and poles. You have to offer services for wiring checkups, replacing or fixing bulbs, and cleaning them.
Now, let’s see what types of street light pole are.

  • Tubular poles

As the name suggests, the poles, it is tube shapes poles. Hence, people use a popular type and shape of popular.

  • Conical pole

You will find such types of poles in public places widely. For example, their shape makes them look unique and modern on boulevard roads, highways, etc. Therefore, with the touch of aesthetics, it always gives a modern outlook to the places where you install these.
There are other types for the poles, too, but the two are the most common to see ones.

What is the total expenditure for the street lights?

How much does a street light cost to run? It is already discussed. However, you will also want to know the cost of these lights. If you start looking around the market for them, you will be surprised to see their prices. A standard street light could range from over $1000 to less than $5000. Yes, quality and some other factors are usually associated with their prices. Similarly, the type of light and street light parts also play a vital role in pricing.
For example, an LED light would cost less than solar street lights. Its high price is the technology installed in the solar lights. So, when looking for an investment, thoroughly visit every option. It would help you conduct a good analysis of these lights.
The formula used for finding the cost of streetlights is simple. It includes the sum of the price of the light fixture, the installation cost and the cost of a street light pole. Hence, choose the specific ones that are affordable to you.

What is the height of the street light pole?

street light pole height

Some specific factor that can affect the pricing of street lights is the height of the poles. There are different heights, and every height has different prices. The height ranges from 4 meters to maximum 14 metres. The more height you consider for the poles, the more charges you will have to pay for their installation. That’s because you will require high-technology elevators to fix these lights.

Which lights go best as the street lights?

You might need clarification when choosing between a solar and an LED light. Solar lights have different benefits, while LED lights have several. Let’s read below to conduct a valid comparison between these two. An LED street light generates maxim output in terms of its illuminance. However, the technology installed in them can help in storing energy. The LED lights are a perfect example if you want the lights to consume low energy. The smart technology installed in them would take in fewer electrical units. How much does a street light cost to run? It would trigger you to know the cost. Hence, you will find a significant change in the electricity bills if you compare LED with traditional bulb lights.
In comparison, solar lights are the perfect example if you are looking for a sustainable option. You can install them because these lights compose of renewable energy sources. Options like this can benefit you, but this investment is expensive. The benefits you achieve are not immediate ones. Instead, you will have to wait for a specific time to achieve them. Hence, concluding which is best and which is not is a tough decision. So, look for the difference thoroughly and then place a conclusion.


How much does a street light cost to run? It is a common and most-asked question to hear. With the formula and calculations, it is easier to calculate its bill. So you can better understand how the cost of street lights and their poles depends.