LED-schijnwerpers voor luchthavens

Lighting is essential in the public spaces that surround us. Sufficient lighting not only improves the aesthetics of an area, but also promotes safety. Airports are of paramount importance to any country. A nation’s economic progress may be manifested by the presence of top-notch airports. Effective lighting is a significant factor in the design or renovation of airports. Lighting can determine its aesthetic appeal and improve its functionality. Powerful outdoor LED flood lights can help you with airport runway and parking lot lighting.

The importance of airport apron lighting

Airport apron lighting is an important aspect of an airport’s overall lighting infrastructure. The apron area of an airport is where aircraft are parked, unloaded, and loaded with cargo or passengers. The apron is also the access point for airport ground vehicles such as fuel trucks, baggage trucks, and catering vehicles.

Effective apron lighting provides visibility for pilots, ground crews, and others working in the area. Furthermore, it promotes the secure and effective functioning of aircraft, thereby diminishing the likelihood of accidents. In addition, potential damage to aircraft, buildings, or equipment is minimized.

In addition to safety, apron lighting helps to enhance the aesthetic appeal of an airport. It creates a welcoming environment for passengers and enhances the overall image of the airport.

Why choose LED flood lights for airport apron lighting?

Featured LED flood lights for airports

  • Product: LED Flood Light – Vega-F Series
  • OEM:100/200pcs
  • Power:8W– 300W
  • Excellent efficacy:135lm/w CE, CB certified
  • CCT:2200-6500K
  • Ambient environment range:-40°C to +55°
  • After-sales service:  a minimum five years warranty
  • Rating:IP65
  • Product size:4 head  1070mm*300mm
  • CCT:2200-6500K
  • Ambient environment range:-40°C to +55°
  • Product size:4 head  1070mm*300mm
  • CCT:2200-6500K

Factors to consider when choosing LED airport apron lighting

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