Warum flackern LED-Straßenlaternen?


Lighting is very much needed in day-to-day living, and it has progressed in different forms in human life. From the beginning, the lighting effect was created by incandescent bulbs, then progressed to halogen light bulbs. After that, compact fluorescent lights were invented, and now we are at cheap and energy-efficient LED lights.
The energy efficiency of LED lights is due to the advanced technology used to function them, which makes them energy efficient. Other advantages of LED lights are that they are brighter, have a longer life, and use less power compared to older lighting systems.
First, we need to know the flickering street lights meaning. Light flickering is the repeated prompt change in the light shining quickly. It can be noticed if light produces 50 flashes or less within a second. Moreover, flickering is noticed because LED flickering ranges from 10% to 50%.
Why do led street lights flicker? In this article, we will explore the answers and provide solutions.

Types of flickering of LED street lights

flackernde Straßenlaterne

1. Flickering, which can be seen by the eyes

In this type of flickering street light, the light output from the source changes rapidly, and different light frequencies are experienced in the range of 3 Hz to 70 Hz. These rapid changes are dangerous for health and are related to photosensitive epilepsy seizures. Many other issues are related to the street light blinking on and off. For instance, the annoyance of blinking lights in washrooms and public safety issues due to flashing street lights.

2. Invisible flickering

Such flickering occurs, but you can’t see it. This is also unsafe because it causes dizziness, headaches, and migraines. It also causes general feelings of illness. Nowadays, there is a lot of research in progress for the flickering effects of LED lights.

Causes of flickering of LED streetlights

Blinkende Straßenlaternen

1. Bad LED driver

To answer the question, why do led street lights flicker? An LED driver is a gadget that has the primary function of many LEDs. The LED driver not only operates as a system to manage electric charges, but it’s also a protective shield. There are also two major types of LED drivers which are discussed below.

  • Constant voltage driver:

This type of LED driver is used for solid and consistent DC voltage to maintain efficiency. This is mainly used WHEN LEDs are connected to drivers in a parallel setup and go straight to the configuration. Another important function of this driver is to maintain a constant load of voltage for each of the LEDs.

  • Constant current LED driver:

Its primary function is to handle the original current that enters the LED. That is mandatory to get things going in the P-N junction of the diode.

Drivers who have faults can cause flickers. They will be more vulnerable to being affected by heat as they handle more and more currents.

2. Loose wiring

It’s well-known that loose connections and circuits cause malfunctioning, which also applies to LED lights and causes flickering. The reason for this can be the result of poor work during the placement of the connection point. When you see many lights flickering, you should check the panel or junction point to see if it is loose and requires tightening.

3. Dimmer compatibility

Another important reason for flashing street lights or flickering is when light is placed in a circuit incompatible with dimmer switches. Dimmer switches function so that power to the light or bulb goes many times within a second. This mechanism is unsuitable for LED lights, and if installed, we get flashing street lights.

4. Low-quality LEDs

Low-quality LED bulbs have low-quality drivers that cause flicker to your street lights. It’s well-known that cheap things become expensive due to their poor service quality. Therefore, it’s better to have high-quality LEDs for your streetlights to avoid flickering. The good quality may be expensive, but they pay you back for longer life and smooth working, and they don’t require frequent repairs.

How to solve the flickering of LED streetlights

street light blinking on and off

Flashing street lights is an unwanted thing. From the above discussion, you have understood the flickering street lights meaning and clear your concepts.

  • Configure good drivers that can eradicate maximum points of the sine wave. Use constant drivers that are very helpful for eliminating power current peaks, ultimately eliminating the flickering issue. Therefore, go for lights with an adequate driver set that can isolate the noise and smooth the power.
  • Focus on the voltage variance issue, which is caused by many appliances sharing the same energy source and causing your LED flickering. That’s why it’s necessary to check the voltages to see if it’s sufficient to carry the load of all LED lights installed. If voltage and current are calculated carefully and provide a sufficient amount to LED, they will not flicker.
  • If you have checked the voltages and drivers, but your lights still flicker, it’s time to check the malfunctioning component. Investigate each LED light; if anyone is malfunctioning and you have a warranty, return it to the manufacturer. Either they would replace you with another or repair it for you. If you don’t have a warranty, then better to purchase another good brand LED light and replace it with malfunctioning.


In the above discussion, we have provided a detailed overview of why LED streetlights flicker and what component causes flickering. We have also discussed some common issues of flickering and their reason and provided some solutions. Moreover, research is in progress to make these LEDs function smoothly and reduce cons and get maximum output with low energy. We could use LED streetlights that flicker and use minimum energy in the future. Therefore this guide will help you to understand the mechanism behind street lights blinking on and off.

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